Double LL Club

Valve Chatter (As viewed from under the bonnet)

We have had a note from our Club President, Bob Lintott. He made a slight error in the last newsletter and sent our newsletter editor the wrong article for the latest newletter so here is the article that should of been in the latest issue…

Okay so now summer is there at least we have had a couple of days very hot, so what is going to happen next will it suddenly change and back to the old English weather, keep your fingers crossed. About three months ago we took a trip to Salisbury, if you remember that I had found quite by chance one of the factories that produced the engines for the Spitfire during WW2. Well now a lovely almost full size replica has been placed by the road and in line with the old factory, together with a large memorial to the men and woman that worked in the factory, also a plaque telling you about the reason the Spitfire has been erected, the large board with pictures is too big to put in the magazine but I hope you can read the smaller one that’s near the Spitfire. ( see both pictures I have included) its easy to find as it is at Hudsons Field and for those that would like to take a caravan the CC&C site is next door, it’s well worth a visit so try to get along there and remember those that worked day and night to keep the Spitfire flying.
I have had a little set back recently and I am due to go into Hospital to get sorted when I am not sure but
it should happen with a snap of the fingers.
So let us do what we want to do and enjoy it, also Mike Stubbington is due to undergo an operation but
like many others you have to wait, but I hope that he will soon get that phone call good luck Mike.
Well that’s all for now folks, until next time.
TOODALOO ( from old valve chatter )

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