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Your newsletter should be with all our members very shortly but we had a couple of article sent to us after the cut off date so we I thought I would add them here to our website for you all to read.
From Dave Rudwick
Well what a year with Covid starting to retreat the AutoJumbles and Collectomania seem to be getting back on track.
We are saddened to note that Ian Sampson passed away, he was a member of S.E.A.M.S. and the  LL Club. He always had a stand at collecomania, with his son Phllip showing oil cans and batteries along with a plethora of other collectables. At rallies he would be found with the stationary engine section, he also had a tractor and a commercial vehicle.
Another sad loss was Gordon Gardiner, a Club member, had supported the autojumble for a long time along with his wife Hazel, always paying for the next event in advance. He had a military vehicle and so was involved with the military section of rallies. He was also connected with Tooveys, the auction house at Washington.
The other sad loss of 2022 was Ken the egg man who had a stall at the Autojumbles and people would always pick up some pickled eggs, along with the eggs, jam and honey. He was a regular at the Grange monthly markets and laterley would sit in the entrance with his Jack Russell dog, Someone complained about a dog being on an egg stall, what part of a chicken do they think  eggs come from?
We have lost some stall holders because they have run out of jumble or got too frail to lug stuff in and out of the Grange. Thanks to all the stall holders and helpers both for the Autojumbles and Collectomania in 2022.
Make a note that the autojumble in the spring is earlier  on 5th of March to avoid Mothering Sunday.
Watch out for the reappearance of the steam rally at the Weald and Downland for 2023 on !9th and 20th of August,  more news as we get it.
Hopefully we will have less extreme weather for 2023 and will see you around.
(As viewed from under the bonnet)
This is the last Chatter of 2022, what a mixed year it has been we had an extended summer or was that Autumn whatever it was very welcome, but then of course we had the cold and following that we have had rain that you could only describe as torrential so this is our winter short but never ending.
So how do we sum up 2022 mixed of course the Club is getting back in the swing of things and maybe 2023 will hopefully get back to normal I notice that there is a list of rallies coming up, so maybe we can crack on with what we do best, and of course this year is the 50th anniversary of the Club, so watch this space as they say!!
I have been watching the market place regarding values of our cars etc. sometimes they are up other times down, so what will happen you can only guess, the way I see it is that people of our age group are either too old to look after the cars like we were able to when we were young so that leaves the younger generation and if they have not been taught to use and look after old vehicles then the interest is fading, so those of you that have old motors and the like tell your young ones about the joy of keeping an old car running and the challenge that keeps you going, in other words there is more to driving old vehicles and it can be very rewarding to say I keep it on the road because I enjoy it, and I don’t have to be at the mercy of the dealerships that take you for a lot of money as soon as you pick up the phone or walk through the reception, yes you do need modern but the problem is you can’t mend the blighters because you need a degree in God knows what!! so if a spanner won’t fix it you are in the hands of the “technician”.
After all that both Val and myself wish you all the very best for 2023 and keep well
TOODALOO ( From Old Valve Chatter )
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