Double LL Club

New Website and our 50th Year

After many years we have now got a new bright, fresh website, with a much more up to date look. Our old site had done us well for so many years but we thought it was time for a change and this being our 50th year as a club we thought that it was the right time. Although it looks quite different it still has all the same features as the prevouis site, news pages, whos who page, events page etc and our history page has beeen updated and given a new fresh look. We hope you like it, what do you think of it? Let us know..

Double LL Club 50th Anniversary, 1973 - 2023 Banner

As we have said this year is our 50th year of the club, and with the new site our webmasters have created a great 50th gold banner, we are hoping to use this on our Newsletter too and don’t forget there are club shirts with our gold logo on, your order form was in your last newsletter.

New Year, new website and our 50th year! Lets make it a good one.

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