Club Information

Just incase you need a reminder of all the club information in the last newsletter..

The committee have agreed to appoint Shirley Rudwick as the new Membership Secretary; her details are shown inside the front cover of the newsletter.
Reminder that your 2020 membership cards are valid until 31st December 2021, no new cards will be issued for 2021. If you have changed any of your details please contact Shirley.
If you have an email address or changed your email address and have not registered it with the club could you please email the secretary at so that it can be added to the mailing list.
We will use emails to advise when we are able to restart meetings and events under government guidelines. Your email address will only be used for club purposes and will never be shared with anyone.
New Year’s Day Party
With the current government restrictions in place and restrictions placed by Rogate Village Hall the committee have sadly had to cancel the party, it is hoped to hold a party later in the year as soon as restrictions allow. Please check the website, Facebook page and emails for updates.
Meetings 2021
The committee will resume meetings as soon as we are able to. We have to follow government guidelines and are also subject to restrictions in place at The Grange Centre

Next Newsletter

Just a reminder to members that articles for the next newsletter due out at the beginning of January 2021, all articles need to reach Wendy our newsletter editor by December 16th.

Come on everyone get those fingers typing and email your article to