HAPPY BIRTHDAY – Henry Grillet

HAPPY BIRTHDAY – Henry Grillet
The LL club would like to wish our oldest member a very Happy 90th Birthday…
Have a great day.

The Next Newsletter

With the next news letter due in just a few days I thought that I should just add a note here.

Obviously I can’t go to our printers to get the next issue of Mecanalia printed as they are closed due to Covid-19 so it has been decided that I will be putting the next issue of the newsletter here on our website. Now I know not everyone has the internet so want be able to view it but rather than not doing anything I think this is the best option. If you speak to anyone then please pass the news around.

I will be putting it on here the first week in May so keep checking back and thanks to those who have sent me articles for the May/June issue.

I hope you are all managing to keep busy and staying safe.


(Newsletter Editor)