Pictures of the winners

Here we have the pictures of some of the winners of the Cups and Trophies at the AGM, thanks to all those who attended the evening and congratulations to all the winners.

Double LL Club & Trophy Awards 2017

DON COLLINS SHIELD.                             PRE 49 CARS                (Joint Winners)    Fred Carter/Dave smith
CAR CUP TROPHY                                    POST 49 CARS                                          Fiona Goodwin
MOTOR CYCLE CUP                                 MOTOR CYCLES                                       Gary Luff
JACK HARDING MEM SHIELD                  STATIONARY ENGINES                            Arthur Carr
COLLECTIONS SHIELD                             COLLECTIONS                                          Ian Blake
FOSTERS CUP                                           FAMILY                                                       Martin West & family
SEDGEWICK CUP                                      NEWCOMER                                              Alan Byrne
LADIES TROPHY                                        LADIES                                                       Rose Smith
DIBBLE HIRE CARS                                   CLUBMAN OF THE YEAR                          Fred Carter
FOUNDERS CUP                                        FOUNDERS                                                Betty West
MECHANALIA SHIELD                               NEWSLETTER                                            Alec Fry
NEWSLETTER CUP                                   NEWSLETTER CHALLENGE                      Ian Blake
MODEL BENTLEY                                      PRESIDENTS TROPHY                              Mick Graham


Arthur Carr       Fred Carter             Pete Goodwin            Fiona Goodwin
Derek Leach     Ian Knowles          Jenny Blake                Ian Blake
Gary Luff          David Smith           Mike Stubbington  

Dates for this week

Hello Everyone,
This week on Wednesday 15th November is The Presentation of Awards for this year, followed by the Annual General Meeting at the Grange Centre Midhurst starting at 7.30pm. There will be the usual raffle, Tea or Coffee will be available at 50p a cup.

On Sunday 19th November is the Autumn Auto Jumble at The Grange Centre Midhurst starting at 10am. admission is free for members.

Please support these events.

Date for your diaries January 1st 2018. Rogate Village Hall 2pm – 6pm New Years Day Party.

Ian Blake