Notes from Havant

Taken from the latest edition (Jan/Feb) of Machanalia, writtten by one of our members about there adventures out and about. If any member would like to write a article for the news letter then please get in touch.

Not long to the festive season and it was very cold and misty this morning, now it’s just sunny and cold, so I guess it must be winter time. Of course all the Christmas markets I have been visiting lately were also a clue to the time of year. The Petersfield Christmas Festival was very good, with more stalls than ever filling up the streets and some excellent festive food stalls in the market square. I must applaud the local council for holding these various festivals during the year at Petersfield, they are always worth a visit.
I went along to the VSCC sprint at Goodwood in October and what a splendid turn out of classic and vintage vehicles were there, many of which were new to me. It is so good to see these very old cars being used in the way that were intended to on the track. The following weekend it was back to Goodwood for the AC Club sprint meeting, not quite so many cars, but those in attendance were worth seeing and the following day it was back again for the V-Power Breakfast Club meeting. Despite rain falling quite heavily when I got there, the number of V engine cars was quite amazing. Thankfully the rain stopped long enough for me to see everything by 10am, when the rain started again. I don’t know if the rain was as heavy at the circuit as it was on way home, but my wipers were having a job coping with it.
I visited the club Autojumble in November, it seemed to be as busy as ever, so hopefully was the usual success. There were quite a number of classics in the car park this time, including a host of Morris Minor saloons, vans and even a pickup. The obviously well used Austin A90 Atlantic took my eye, a car that people seem to either love or loath.

I went along to Portsmouth Dockyard Xmas Festival at the end of November, unfortunately I was just starting with a dose of flu, so wasn’t at my best. There did seem to be less stalls this year and most of them were outside due to building work in the boathouses, however the entertainment was very good and it was nice to see “Victoria” and her living van on display near to HMS Victory.
I spent a lot of the following week, laying down and feeling very sorry for myself, as us hardy chaps do when we have man-flu! No sooner had I got over that I was struck by a bout of sciatica, which is slowly easing now, thankfully, so with luck I shall be reasonably well for Christmas. Hope you all have a good New Year.   Mike Jeavons.  16th Dec.

List of the winners

We thought we would share a list of the winners of the trophies and cups from the AGM back in November, congratulations to you all….

PRE 49 CARS SHIELD                             DAVID SMITH
POST 49 C                                                 FIONA GOODWIN
COMMERCIALS  SHIELD                        RAY DAVEY
MOTOR CYCLES CUP                            PETER GOODWIN
TRACTORS SHIELD                                TIM LUCK
COLLECTIONS SHIELD                          IAN & PENNY BLAKE
BYEGONES SHIELD                                CAROL & PAUL SPOONER
JUNIOR CUP                                             JACK & HARRY WAKELIN
FAMILY CUP                                              PETER & FIONA GOODWIN
NEWCOMER CUP                                    MICHAEL GRAHAM
LADIES CUP                                             JOAN ROSE
FOUNDERS CUP                                      MIKE COOMBES
NEWSLETTER CUP                                 MIKE JEAVONS
NEWSLETTER SHIELD                           ALEC FRY

Happy New Year

We would like to wish all our members a very Happy New Year, we are looking forward to a good 2015. With lots of events coming up over the season we hare hoping to see many of you on the rally field for a great summer.

If you know of an event and would like us to add it to our list of events please contact our Events Secretary, Peter & Jan Brewer on 01243 574032 and they will then be able to add it to the list..

Our Editor is always looking for news, stories or pictures for the club newsletter “Mechananlia”; Please contact Newsletter Editor, Wendy Wakelin – email or telephone 01730 892944 she is always grateful for your articles.