Hollycombe 2011

Well what a weekend, I could not believe the rain on Sunday morning that’s the 3rd wet Sunday in a row. Thanks to all members and non members who attended, especially the hardy ones who turned up in rain on the second day. We all hoped that it might blow through but by 3pm we had resigned to the fact that it was a non starter and slowly began to close down, as the forecast was for the weather to deteriorate.

If you have any comments about the weekend please tell me or one of the committee members.

Dave Rudwick

Wiston House Steam Rally 3rd & 4th July 2011

Although not a LL event several members were seen over the weekend. Very relaxed event with very few people telling you what to do, plenty of space, steam engines moving about all over the place and plenty of other movements. Exceptional display of Southdown Buses and other commercials but the Steam entry knocks other steam rallies in the area into a cocked hat. This time they allowed Stationary engines to display and with a good collection of tractors, classic cars, motor bikes and collections along with a reenactment group setting of cannons in the arena made a good show. I will certainly be putting it on my calendar for 2012 and with plenty of space I am sure they will be please to get more entries. The site is very much like Parham with a big house in the background.