Who’s Who

Committee Members and Club contacts

Double LL Club
This page is a list of Double LL Club contacts should you wish to email your questions about the club, suggestions for trips and events or suggestions of content for this website.

President: Robert (Bob) Lintott
Chairman: Martin West – chairman@doublellclub.com
Vice Chairman: Derek Leach – vice-chairman@doublellclub.com 01730 261844
Secretary: Ian Blake 07770 794693 secretary@doublellclub.com
Treasurer: Judy Kempster – treasurer@doublellclub.com
Events Secretary: Peter & Jan Brewer 01243 574032 – events@doublellclub.com
Membership Secretary: Barry Kempster – membership@doublellclub.com
Publicity Officer: Dick Edney – publicity@doublellclub.com 01243 822488
Safety Officer: Peter Goodwin – safety-officer@doublellclub.com 01730 815393
Newsletter Editor: Wendy Wakelin – editor@doublellclub.com 01730 892944
Show and Auto Jumble Organiser: David Rudwick – show-organiser@doublellclub.com

Unposted Committee Members:

Bob Elliott
Jenny Blake – jblake@puzzlebox.co.uk. 07770794693
Ray Davey – 01798 861339
John Stubbington – stubbingtonj@btinternet.com

Web Master: webmaster@doublellclub.com