Looking Back

We thought we would share a few pictures here of times past, this collection of pictures were taken back in 2005 at Pendean Fete, thanks to Mike Jeavons for the pictures.

Pictures of better days

Thanks to Derek Leach who sent in his article for the latest issues of Mechanalia, he also sent in these lovely pictures with the note “a few pictures of better days 2014,2015,2016,2017,2018”.
We hope you all enjoy.

Stay safe everyone..

Newsletter May/June 254

Mechanalia No – 254 – MAY/JUNE

From the Editor
It certainly is strange times, things have been changed and put on hold but strangely we still have to carry on and this is what we are doing. This is a different way of doing the newsletter for this issue.
Anyway we hope that everyone is keeping safe, well and getting through this time while trying to keep some normality, please stay home and stay safe. Right thats enough about that, lets look forward to the future and good times.
Obviously most of our events have been cancelled or postponed, please see the events page here on our website for information. Thanks to those who have sent in the articles and to Derek who has sent in some great pictures, I have put them in a separate post on the website.
I hope that we will all soon be out and about with our vehicles, collections and having a good time.

Valve chatter
(As viewed from under the Bonnet)
Well I must say that in all my years never have we been in a situation as we are in now even during WW2 when I was a young lad the only fear we had was hoping that we would miss the bombs but the turmoil we now find ourselves in right now, it’s a bit like electricity touch it and you soon know that it is there with this virus you come in contact and pretty soon you will either catch it or be lucky enough to avoid it, so as they tell you ( STAY AT HOME ) and six foot six apart ( in old money ) which people are at last heeding the advice given.
I think it is lovely the way everybody is coming together, we have had a lot of friends offering their help as we were put in isolation very early on as we both had very bad colds and owing to our complaints the Doctors said we must isolate for two weeks it’s now been two months, this we have done and now everybody has to stay in their homes and enjoy the sun from inside so if this is the way to go we have to knuckle down and get on with it for as long as it takes.
I feel very sorry for those of you that are working and now don’t know what the future will bring, I am sure that things can only improve but it will take a long time to sort out this mess we find us all in.
Now to our cars and exhibits, all things have been cancelled and rightly so and there is nothing we can do about it, so all we can do is grin and bear it, this comes hard as we can’t even take our cars out for a run to blow the cobwebs out, still during the war the cars had to be up on blocks for years, I sincerely hope that we get over this nasty time in months as opposed to years, as Churchill said KBO. And we will survive for as long it takes.
So as you can imagine there is nothing to chat about other than the times we are living in.
Stay calm and keep healthy, stay indoors and try to keep smiling.
So the Mustang stays under the duvet. (For now!! )
Toodaloo ( from old Valve Chatter )

‘Sun, Sun, Sun’.
Bit of a change from last write up ‘Wet, Wet, Wet’. we have had perfect show weather but no shows! but the only way to get over it is to stay in. We are lucky to have quite a big garden so plenty to do, have built shed 4 (wood shed) painted it, dug the garden planted the garden sat in the garden weeded the garden got feed up in the garden watered the garden mowed all the lawns now as I write this it has started to rain, well we needed it all our water buts had just run out.
Do it yourself Dangers!
1. DON’T.
2. If you do make sure you have full protective gear (suit of armour is best).
3. Full first aid kit to hand.
4. Have a list of helpful phone numbers, Surgery, Hospital etc.
5. Always use tools with a dead man switch, so when you drop it it stops.
6. Make sure you have fuel in your car.
The NHS do a GREAT job in times like these they do not need people like me giving them extra work! enough said…..
Keep the Bugs at Bay.
Editors Comment – Derek has sent in some lovely pictures but I will put them in another blog as they will get a bit lost here.

Chairman Notes
Hello all
Strange times we live in – at the beginning of the year we all were planning rally’s, events and evening meetings. How things change. It started with a small news reports of a flu like outbreak all the way over in China , on the other side of the world. Then some people on cruse ships getting ill and how quickly it spread all over the world. It just proves how people travel world wide and move about.
Our lives have changed hopefully not for to long but we must take care of ourselves and others. The panic buying of Loo rolls and stripping of shelves did not help the people who may of needed it most.
But the supermarkets were a little unprepared for the quickness of the events. We all got caught up in the first few days, looking for bits and pieces that were not there any more. Having to go to more shops to find some staple foods and commodities. As it slowly is getting back to a set plan and keeping our 6 foot ( 2 meters in modern money) apart it will take time for us to get in to the routine . Washing hands for 20 seconds ( 2 happy birthdays), some time wearing gloves and back to war time rationing and queuing, all for the good of all.
All we can do is live at a slower pace and have patience, respect others and help others.The other day a man in a electric scooter ask me to get a paper for him, did it, took twice as long as normal but it gave him a happy moment. Every little counts.
Finding a new hobby to do at home is one way to keep busy, keep to a routine and keep in touch with family and friends, together we will get back to normal soon.
Our electrician needed to do one days work as he is as well over 70 so he was sent home, until we could get his work shop isolated from the rest of the factory. He has a 3 foot model of HMS Victory he has been meaning to to do for years. The internet can be very useful for ordering bits, so long as you clean it before you start using the bits you buy. There was a note left on mums door step from some people in the village saying if she needs any thing to phone them. Thanks to them.
At work we were asked what our capability are for machining medical machines, so we are clearing some of our machines and creating spaces  just in case. At least we all live in the country side and can see a little bits of green out side our windows, how hard it must be for some people living in the middle of cities. If this happened 20 or 30 years a go before the internet and on line shopping or even 40 TV channels our isolation’s would be much less bearable.
It would be nice to see some photos of you projects while we are not out and about. How is your gardening going? We all thought that the DIY stores would be open but it was not to be. Mum likes her colouring books, you can get them for children but just be warned if you look for adult ones some are more ADULT than others. So be warned . Just rehung three garden gates that have been sticking for a few years. Tided some of the workshop, still have a list, more to go.
I think my display of ENSA in the Midhurst museum must have been the shortest they have had.
Well keep safe, keep a safe space between you, keep busy and keep looking forward we will get back to normal sooner if we all pull together.
We must all now appreciate the NHS on how hard they are working for us. As well as all the other Key workers keeping the country (and world ) ticking over .Thanks to them all.
In other news, Dawn back from university had now driven (Only for 20 feet) the Austin (8)with rod brakes, her first rod brake car. The reason was we needed to get it out the work shop to get my Royal Enfield to repair it. The big end had gone so a complete engine rebuild is needed. Now the bike is in many boxes and freezer bags all labeled and laid out in the order they came off.
Keep checking our web site regularly, we will try to keep you up to date.

Restoration in Lock Down
Had a message from one of our club members, John Stubbington, to say he had been restoring an old Reeves seed drill in lockdown, he has sent in some lovely photos. Lovely garden John!!

Thanks to all who have contribute and hopefully we will soon be back to our usual newsletter and hope to see you all very soon.

Stay safe, stay at home..

HAPPY BIRTHDAY – Henry Grillet

HAPPY BIRTHDAY – Henry Grillet
The LL club would like to wish our oldest member a very Happy 90th Birthday…
Have a great day.

The Next Newsletter

With the next news letter due in just a few days I thought that I should just add a note here.

Obviously I can’t go to our printers to get the next issue of Mecanalia printed as they are closed due to Covid-19 so it has been decided that I will be putting the next issue of the newsletter here on our website. Now I know not everyone has the internet so want be able to view it but rather than not doing anything I think this is the best option. If you speak to anyone then please pass the news around.

I will be putting it on here the first week in May so keep checking back and thanks to those who have sent me articles for the May/June issue.

I hope you are all managing to keep busy and staying safe.


(Newsletter Editor)

Latest News

Latest News from the committee

Cancelled – Drive it Day Sunday April 26th see attached press release from FBHVC at the bottom of this page, the Double LL Club will try and organise a drive it day later in the year if able to.

Other cancelled events.
Cancelled – Rogate Fete they hope to organise a celebration fete later in the year.
Cancelled – Netley Marsh rally
Cancelled – Community Day at Midhurst Rother College
Cancelled – Steam in the village
Cancelled – Club Rally Tilford
Postponed – Coach Trip to Hungerford in June postponed to probably September at least.
Cancelled – Coach Trip to Chatham Dockyard cancelled until 2021

Assume most events through the summer will be cancelled.
In the meantime stay safe.

Ian Blake
(Secretary Double ll Club)

Press release from FBHVC

23 March 2020
For immediate release 

Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs updated statement on Drive it Day 2020


The FBHVC is committed to following the latest UK Government advice on events and public gatherings pertinent to our member clubs and as such, the following statement replaces all previous correspondence regarding National Drive it Day during this fast-moving situation.
In response to the updated guidance and restrictions issued by UK Government, the Federation recommends that all activities that involve taking a historic vehicle out on the road specifically for the purposes of Drive it Day, now be abandoned.  All enthusiasts are now urged to stay at home on 26 April 2020 and not partake in any non-essential travel for Drive it Day and instead, get involved in a nationwide social media campaign to spread positivity around historic vehicles during this difficult time.
Currently, UK government are advising against all non-essential social contact. Our current general guidance to car clubs, that can be found on our website www.fbhvc.co.uk , encourages the cancellation or postponement of meets, events and gatherings of people. Additional advice has now placed restrictions on non-essential travel of any kind.
However, enthusiasts of historic vehicles are still encouraged to participate on 26 April 2020 in the mass sharing, via social media, of images and memories of themselves and their families out and about in their historic vehicles during a previous year’s Drive it Day.
Use your chosen social media platform to share images and stories of memorable trips with your historic vehicles or indeed, what you might be working on within the ‘self – isolation’ of your garage or shed.
The FBHVC are asking for all enthusiasts to share pictures using the hashtag #DriveitDayMemories.
Post your picture on to the FBHVC social media feeds or those of your member clubs. We will be monitoring those social feeds and public posts published with the #DriveitDayMemories hashtag will be gathered onto a special area within the FBHVC website galleries in the future.
As previously stated, with such a crowded event calendar, the possibility of achieving consensus for a revised Drive it Day date later in the year will be virtually impossible. Therefore, Drive it Day 2020 will not be re-scheduled for later this year, but will resume its normal format on 25 April 2021.
For the latest advice for car clubs, events and other news – keep up to date via the Federation news pages at www.fbhvc.co.uk .



Message from the Chairman

Martin our chairman has asked me to forward the following message to you all.

Good morning All.
I think we all know what was coming , our speaker for the last meeting not wanting to come , we all need to look after ourselves and others , sorry not to talk to you all But we had to make a plan and quick. So I and the committee did I will contact our next few speakers , and Heyshott hall for the sing-a-long . I will tell then we will try to re-book them for the end of the year , or early next. If we have a short AGM ( maybe there will be no prize giving) we could have another speaker then!
I suspect nothing will go on before August.
Maybe we all could do little bits for the web site just to keep every one in touch.A few nice light pics would be nice.
Many thanks to you all.


We have posted the following article here as it was meant to of been in the latest newsletter but Wendy never received it so it must still be out there somewhere! As Derek had taken the time to write the article and send photos we thought it was only right to share it here..


Long time since writing to the newsletter but been suffering a bad attack of writers cramp, but it’s time to get my finger out and get it to work on the keys!
Not much on the telly, but a couple of programs with a bit of local. 4th. Nov. Alan Titchmarch “Fifty Shades of Green” showing 50 favourite gardens, one close to lots of us – started showing a Petersfield/Midhurst road sign then Terwick Church on the A272 with nice pictures of the field of Lupins in full bloom.
Another with local interest ‘Poirot’ the stolen aerpplane plans car chase over Two Bridges (Tilford) then through the ford at Frenshams small pond.
In the garden.
The Goldfinches are back, seen Song Thrush and several Starlings which are making a come back to the garden after several years missing. Blackbird feeding it’s family, a Sparrow Hawk decided to have his lunch of Ring Dove on the back lawn. The Holly had lots of berry’s until the Redwings arrived and removed every berry in two days. Our one and only apple tree (over 100 year old Newton Wonder) did us proud this year wiyh a bumper crop of Apples, The Oak also had a bumper crop of acorns not so good to ages to clear up!.
The Land Rover.
The Land Rover is making slow progress these 1948 had so many changes in the 1st. 1000 produced and ours being the 888 one fall in this group, Gearbox, Axle diff ratios, springs, spring shackles (front), wheels (valve hole position), brakes (cylinders, connectors, pipes, back plates, shoes), lights, grill and many more fittings etc. The early brakes were Girling HYDRASTATIC (self adjusting) the shoe lining was cut below the second row of rivets so tha the loewr section was held by two rivets only a hole was drilled in the metal shoe a spring and plunger was fitted which pushed that section of shoe to run in contact with the brake drum. OK kept the brake adjusted but in use in mud and water which got into the drum wore the shoes out rather to fast! so the brakes were changed to SEMI – HYDRASTATIC (adjustable). We found someone who remakes these shoes.

Hope to be out more this year, Hope you all had a good Christmas and New Year, Roll on the Summer.

Club evenings for 2020

Please see below the list of events we have already sorted for 2020. We will soon be adding our 2020 events page to the website but this is the list of club nights and events going on so far in 2020


1st Wednesday                 New Years Day Party at Rogate Village Hall 2pm – 6pm.

15th Wednesday   CN      Collectors Night at the Grange Centre Midhurst starting at 7.30pm.


19th Wednesday   CN      Talk by J.C.Domonic a Wildlife photographer at the Grange Centre Midhurst starting at 7.30pm.


15th Sunday          CN      LL Spring Auto Jumble at the Grange Midhurst,from 10am contact Dave Rudwick 01730 859317 Mobile 07798 775319

18th Wednesday    CN      Talk at the Grange Centre Midhurst staring at 7.30pm..


15th Wednesday     CN      Talk at the Grange Centre Midhurst staring at 7.30pm..

26th Sunday                      Drive It Day starting from The Grange Centre Midhurst 10am. Further details in next newsletter.


16th & 17th Sat/Sun. CR       LL Rally At Rural Life Centre Tilford contact Dave Rudwick 01730 859317 Mobile 07798 775319


2nd Tuesday                         Coach Trip to Hungerford and Canal trip on Horse Drawn Barge Further details next newsletter or contact Ian Blake.


8th Tuesday                         Coach Trip Chatham Dockyard Further details in next newsletter or contact Ian Blake.


21st Wednesday        CN      Timespan will give their talk on Guy Fawkes at the Grange Centre Midhurst starting at 7.30pm.


15th Sunday                          LL Autumn Auto Jumble at The Grange Centre, Midhurst from 10am contact Dave Rudwick 01730 859317 Mobile 07798 775319

18th Wednesday        CN      Presentation of Awards 2020 and AGM at the Grange Centre Midhurst starting at 7.30pm.

Further Events and talks will be added to the website as and when our web master receives them.



AGM Winners

Double LL Club Cup and Trophy Awards 2019

Don Pinhorn Shield               Pre 49 Cars               Fred Carter
Don Collins Shield                Post 49 Cars              Fred Carter
Commercial Vehicle Shield  Commercial Vehicles  Pete and Jan Brewer
Tractor Shield                       Tractors                      John Stubbington
Motorcycle Shield                 Motorcycles                Gary Luff
Jack Harding Mem Shield    Stationary Engines      Arthur Carr
Collectors Shield                  Collections                  Pete and Jan Brewer
Don Windebank                   Shield Bygones          John and Mary Stubbington
Fosters Cup                         Family                         Paul and Carol Spooner
Sedgewick Cup                   Newcomer                   Cynthia Knowles
Ladies Trophy                     Ladies                          Fiona Goodwin
Dibble Hire Car                   Clubman of the Year     Dave Rudwick
Tim Harris Cup                    Founders                       Wendy Wakelin
Mechanalia Shield              Newsletter                     Ian Blake
Newsletter Cup                  Newsletter Challenge    Derek Leach
Model Bentley                    Presidents Trophy         Barry and Judy Kempster
Junior Cup                                                               Isla and Oliva Twine

Attendance Plaques
Arthur Carr
Fred Carter
Pete Goodwin
Fiona Goodwin
Derek Leach
Val Leach
Pete Brewer
Jan Brewer
Ian Blake
Gray Luff
Mike Stubbington
John Stubbibgton
Mary Stubbington
Ray Davey